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remove suction tube
« on: 23.06. 2015 01:41 »
 I have to remove everything from the cases and other aluminum parts for vapor blasting. Its not as expensive here in the states as you would think. From what I have read, I figure between 150 and 200 USD for all the cases on the bike (including gearbox).

 I am stumped on how to properly remove the suction pipe from the engine cases. It almost looks like its just pressed in, but I hate to damage it.

 What is the proper way to remove this?

 Thanks for your time.
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Re: remove suction tube
« Reply #1 on: 23.06. 2015 05:13 »
I removed mine by heating it after which it pulled easily.... and replaced it with loctite bearing retainer grade to enable the same to be done again..I dont know what bsa used to stick them in place if anything....

im assuming you are asking about the oil return pipe in sump
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Re: remove suction tube
« Reply #2 on: 23.06. 2015 21:11 »
Hi Coater,
Why remove it?  theres no need as far as I know ?, blank off the end of the pipe with some rubber tube and silicone, same at oil pump mounting face
Blank off the oil bypass passage in the timing side case, theres a a very small hole to this passage near the cam gear, and at the crankcase joint as well as at the PRV
It will be impossible to clean out this passage afterwards without drilling out the blanking plugs  *sad2*

Carb or brake cleaner aerosols  will clean out the other oil ways

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