Author Topic: 8" single sided brake hub  (Read 272 times)

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8" single sided brake hub
« on: 30.06. 2015 15:43 »
Just come back from taking my single sided 8” brake hub to the powder coaters. Next thing will be to put the hub back together. Getting the old bearings out proved to be quite hard work they were a tight fit in the hub. I followed the BSA Gold Star manual instructions to the letter. Now, for a couple of questions. The Gold Star manual does not have anything to say about the correct method of fitting the new bearings. Given that the bearings are a tight fit in the bearing housing what is the best way to fit them. I do not have access to a press, so would a suitability sized socket be safe to use for this task?

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Re: 8" single sided brake hub
« Reply #1 on: 30.06. 2015 16:50 »
I've the standard 8" single which I find a great brake ,Rightly or wrongly that's what I did John, and they are still good after 8 yrs checked 'em just a few weeks ago when I changed tyres .Suppose you could put the hub in oven wouldn't effect the finish would it ? Bearings in the freezer and use the exact size of drift/socket ,Bob
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