Author Topic: A10: Clutch and Primary chain assembly.  (Read 438 times)

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A10: Clutch and Primary chain assembly.
« on: 03.08. 2015 16:45 »
I have a 1957 Road Road Rocket that I have rebuilt from scratch. I have just fitted an SRM Cush-drive nut and a sprocket nut with oil seal. I have yet to fit the chain case and will then start to fit the clutch. I realise that the gearbox has to be aligned and the slider-plate fitted and secured. Could someone give me some advice on this part of the rebuild please. I was thinking that I should fit the clutch and chain and ensure that the chain is at the correct tension. Remove the clutch and then fit the slider-plate, then reinstall the clutch. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: A10: Clutch and Primary chain assembly.
« Reply #1 on: 03.08. 2015 18:34 »

 Hiya Dave; reasonable idea, but more for aligning the crank/clutch sprockets, as suggested recently in another thread. Being a S/A, a bit out of my realm these days
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Re: A10: Clutch and Primary chain assembly.
« Reply #2 on: 03.08. 2015 20:47 »
Hi David,
Heres the link to the guide I wrote
What your proposing to do is sound thinking, I have found several sliding plates damaged where they did not slide and wore on the clucth adaptor  *eek*

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Re: A10: Clutch and Primary chain assembly.
« Reply #3 on: 03.08. 2015 21:43 »
hi david, i had a bit of a nightmare with this part of the build on my a10 from a basket collection. i would first tighten the gearbox bolts.then without the primary chain or cases on assemble the clutch tightly  and shim the engine sprocket to suit with a flat edge on both sprockets.the fun began with my collection when i assembled the primary inner cover and found the chain rubbed the case. i had to   reluctantly leave out the engine spacer and shim with paper gaskets instead. also had to shorten 3 x 3/8" allen bolts slightly to clear the crank. outer primary cover no probs. another problem i had was with the clutch mainshaft adapter which wouldnt stay tight on the taper. i ground the back of the adaptor until it bit hard but cant remember if it was the maingear bushes which were at fault or the taper.  i hope you have more luck than i did recently but what do you expect on ebay?