Author Topic: Chinese Take-Away?  (Read 312 times)

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Chinese Take-Away?
« on: 04.08. 2015 22:28 »
I have a fully restored A10 tucked away in my garage, but despite nudging 60 years old I find myself in need of a 125cc bike to get some road-miles under my belt in order to take the DVLA test so that I can ride the A10 without going to local WW2 airfields (most of which are being "returned to agriculture").

 I'm probably the least experienced biker on the forum, and could do with a bit of advice.

  I've done the tour of the local dealers, but can't seem to find any enthusiasm for bikes that would have had me wetting my pants in anticipation forty years ago.
  I can't seem to justify spending a small fortune on a 125 bike that is probably going to be sold very shortly after I pass my test. The more expensive the bike from new the larger the depreciation cost when sold. Money isn't a problem as such, the spending of it is the bit I don't like *eek*
  Hence we come to the "Chinese" question. Of all the bikes I've had my bum on sat at the dealers (humming "Born to be Wild" while at the same time doing a Toad of Toad Hall impression.....) the one that appeals to me is a Chinese job called a "Sinnis Cruisestar".
   At about £1600 it's very affordable, but searching on-line gives me the impression that anything made in China needs a side-car to carry a comprehensive tool kit in order that things can be repaired as and when they either break or fall off.
   Any thoughts,comments,or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Chinese Take-Away?
« Reply #1 on: 04.08. 2015 22:33 »
My son bought himself a Chinese 125, (but has not yet qualified enough to ride it). It appears to be as well made as a Japanese machine. If you bought one you are unlikely to own it for long enough to have problems.

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Re: Chinese Take-Away?
« Reply #2 on: 04.08. 2015 22:37 »
Can't help you with the chinese stuff, but how about a Bantam?

It may grow on you, while a chinese bike won't... ever *smile*
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Re: Chinese Take-Away?
« Reply #3 on: 04.08. 2015 22:39 »
You can buy a brand new Suzuki Slingshot 125cc from London Motorcycles in Ealing for £1395. If you're going to buy new I would go for something with a slightly better pedigree as it may be easier to sell when you're done with it. Personally I would buy something / anything second hand as it is only a means to an end.

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Re: Chinese Take-Away?
« Reply #4 on: 05.08. 2015 01:17 »
The Bantam looks good, but seeing as I will be taking my test on a modern bigger capacity bike maybe not an ideal purchase. If you could still ride a bike up to 250cc on a provisional licence here I'd have something like a Tiger Cub or a Villiers Ambassador in a heart-beat.
 I've tried several bikes similar to the Suzuki, but the majority seem to have a too cramped up riding position which I find uncomfortable, and a seat height too low. I'm probably comparing them to the A10, which may be an unrealistic comparison, but they seem to be built for 17 year old whipper-snappers who want a "point and squirt" bike.
  I've put in quite a few miles on a Zontes Tiger, possibly one of the most uncomfortable bikes I've ever ridden.
Maybe I should just stump up for a Direct Access course and have done with it......
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Re: Chinese Take-Away?
« Reply #5 on: 05.08. 2015 10:49 »
My eldest son who was keen of the BSA but had never ridden, did the direct access course. Took him from never having ridden a motorcycle, to sitting on the A10 with a huge smile on his face. Expensive (I have not recall exactly but around £700 including CBT, training and A2 test) but worth every penny and quite quick. Plus no hassle of buying a smaller bike with insurance tax ect, only to sell in later once the job is done.
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Re: Chinese Take-Away?
« Reply #6 on: 05.08. 2015 11:35 »
I find myself in need of a 125cc bike to get some road-miles under my belt

That's how I restarted my motorcycling after 20 years no-drive, found one of these in a local ad >, did 10.000 km on it before getting into bigger cc's. Perfect to gain accustomization to general riding (and blind car drivers). And great fun in town and small trips.

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Re: Chinese Take-Away?
« Reply #7 on: 05.08. 2015 11:37 »
Have a look on gumtree ,it'll give you an idea of likely resale prices, I've been looking and have seen quite a few and they were cheap, regards Bob
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