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Just starting to fettle the bike for the next run. We're doing a "Coast to Coast", West Kirby on the Wirral to Scarborough via Morecambe and the Yorkshire Dales, a round trip of about 400 miles. One job I've been trying to get round to for a while is a 12 volt conversion. I built a dynamo yesterday and fitted it today, along with the new battery, regulator and bulbs. Everything worked fine apart from the horn which I haven't changed yet. At about 9.30 this evening I thought it was getting dark enough to try the lights so I took the bike out for a run. Oh what joy!  A cool evening on the A10, purring through the Cheshire lanes. The bike ran beautifully and I could actually see where I was going! The 12v conversion has made a big difference. I still have a couple of jobs to do before she's ready - the front brake needs a bit of attention - new linings probably,  and I need to find a way of adjusting the headlight beam beyond the manufacturer's limits. I have a 1959 A10 with nacelle and the light points too far ahead. I know there is some adjustment on the backing ring but not quite enough to get the light pointing at the road close enough to me.

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Hi beezermacc,

6 volt you will be seen, but you see nothing, this was my expirience.
It,s completly different, and you have safe ride with the 12 volts.

Crossing the Yorkeshire Dales, please have a look at Tan Hill Inn.
Phantastic view, never ending road, and a magic landscape.

cheers Klaus

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6v on my A10 is giving much better lighting than that on either my  12V H1 or T3.
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