Author Topic: Life Before Mobile Phones  (Read 247 times)

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Life Before Mobile Phones
« on: 18.08. 2015 21:15 »
I saw this A10 the other day at a Cadwell Park Meeting and it occurred to me that even back in the fifties blokes could still phone the missus to say “I’m on the way home dearest – please get my tea on”!
It turned out to be the actual bike used in the BBC TV series Heartbeat about life in rural Yorkshire in 50’s/60’s – ahhh, happy days – later in the day they used the A10 (complete with period dressed policeman on board) to recreate a typical British Bank Holiday scene of chasing two opposing factions – Mods (on scooters) and Rockers (mostly on BSA Gold Stars) intent on beating the cr*p out of each other – ahh, happy days!

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Re: Life Before Mobile Phones
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You've reminded me about something: In my junior school we once had a police display of road safety. Our playground was marked out with 'roads'. The way this was done was by a policeman on the pillion seat of a motorbike, (possibly a BSA) facing backwards, laying on his belly and holding a large lump of chalk to mark out the roads! I cannot remember anything else about that day so that image must have made a big impression on me!
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Re: Life Before Mobile Phones
« Reply #2 on: 19.08. 2015 05:43 »
Beats keeping your phone in a pocket, also can be used with gloves on, want one.
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