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Mix and Match
« on: 16.09. 2015 02:46 »
I would like to hang a Norton diaphragm clutch onto the A 10 transmission.  I understand the semi unit mainshaft will fit the A 10 box and this mainshaft has the splined end which accepts the Norton clutch hub.  Has anyone done this and where do I find a serviceable mainshaft from the semi unit transmission?

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Re: Mix and Match
« Reply #1 on: 16.09. 2015 08:44 »
G'day Norsa1.
I have heard the same story but have never seen one. The semi-unit (plunger/rigid) mainshaft will fit in a pre-unit (swing arm) box. Don't know which notrun hub will fit.
But I luv the diaphragm clutch on my A10 cafe.
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Re: Mix and Match
« Reply #2 on: 16.09. 2015 09:26 »

Hiya Norsa, I like what you're trying to do, and I think(know) that at least the versions with a triplex clutch fit the spline, but they're a different pitch chain (3/8" *????*-same as plungers) you'd have to change the engine sprocket as well...can't remember the chainwheel teeth number, but is more than a Plunger chainwheel and didn't physically fit in a Plunger casing...but they're diffo to a S/A casing...

 From another point of view, as a Plunger owner/rider, the Plunger G'box mainshafts are I believe (but may be wrong) in short supply, so if anyone has a goody, they're likely to hang onto it (as I would if I had one)..I've seen new S/A mainshafts/layshafts advertised through reputable dealers- maybe chase that up, or else drill Muskie for more info *beer* *fight* *work* *bash* *pull hair out* *respect* *spider* *countdown*
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