Author Topic: The various 8" single sided front hubs  (Read 365 times)

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The various 8" single sided front hubs
« on: 26.09. 2015 13:05 »
Although my knowledge of the pre-unit version is a little rusty now; does the later finned/core plugged/wider braking area A65 8" single sided type hub fit, without modification, plunger flash forks?

On simple measuring up it seems to be identical in terms of 'fitting' dimensions but I wonder if the more knowledgeable on here can offer any thoughts.

Thanks in advance.

Paul (Cheshire, UK - aka beesa71 everywhere).

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Re: The various 8" single sided front hubs
« Reply #1 on: 26.09. 2015 16:59 »
Paul, The A65 8" single sided finned brake is directly inter changeable with with the A10 8" single sided non finned brake. The only difference between the two brakes ( apart from the fins) is the brake shoe width. The A65 shoes ( part number number 68-5541)  are slightly wider 1+5/8" but that makes no dimensional difference for fitting purposes. The A10 single sided 8" front brake shoes are 1+3/8" wide (part number 67-5558). That is the only difference. So, the short answer is, yes they can be swapped without any problem.