Author Topic: Removing field windings from dynamo  (Read 1603 times)

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Re: Removing field windings from dynamo
« Reply #15 on: 14.10. 2015 23:16 »

 It's too bad I don't have an old bike instead of this modern 60w model.......

The E3L is a big improvement on the E3H.

 Yeah, but it only had ONE field coil screw! *smile*

 Speaking of which, I took the the whole shebang into work last night. I followed Morris's advice on the screwdriver-nut-drill press removal technique, and it worked great!

 I spent the most amount of time grinding, fitting, and cutting a pretty high end screwdriver into a one-time tool ( *smiley4*). When it was an excellent fit, I fitted a 5/16 nut and welded that, then fitted a 3/4 nut and welded that over the top of the 5/16 so I would be able to use a large wrench but keep it all centered.

 When the first screw let loose with a loud "pop", I thought I had broken the housing, they were that tight. The second screw was easier, because now I knew what to expect.

 Anyway, it worked great. Thank you Morris!

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