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« on: 16.10. 2015 16:59 »
Don't tell anyone but I think I've been a bit of a muddle-headed wombat, (Ozzie childrens character). I've been going through my BSA bits to see what I can palm off er, give to some deserving person. I came across a 19 tooth gearbox sprocket. It's a bit hooked so not really usable. If you've followed my previous posts closely, (and why wouldn't you?) you may recall me whinging about my bike being short-legged with an eighteen tooth gearbox sprocket; well the sprocket I found today has nineteen teeth; the correct standard number for my machine. I had a horrible realisation that I must have ordered a new gearbox sprocket while restoring my machine and not compared it with the one that I had removed and put in the parts box *red*. Anyway, I'm about to buy a new 20 tooth sprocket along with some other bits for winter jobs.