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The traders board
« on: 22.10. 2015 12:49 »
To promote those who work in the business of providing parts & services that keeps our bikes running, anyone offering relevant\useful services\parts etc may post info here.

No misuse (marketing) using member emails or personal message, and no directly sales-only related posting (=spamming) in ongoing tech topics etc. Any infraction to this = ban. & see

As a rule of thumb, write about the parts\services, and let members contact you first (by pm, mail, tel or website), and all will be fine :O)

Also, if you find the forum useful, generating sales, providing good advertisement etc, in return a Paypal donation to cover forum costs is always appreciated.

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Re: The traders board
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Great service from Andrew (Beezermac).
Good advice, quick posting,stuff works.
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