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Cuban Chrome
« on: 24.10. 2015 15:24 »
Just wondering if anyone here from outside the U.S. (or inside, I suppose) has watched "Cuban Chrome". It's a show about Cuban car enthusiasts getting and keeping their '50's American cars in "show" (for Cuba) condition. Aside from what they go through to find parts and get things working, it reaaly does a great job of showing the value of friends helping to make things happen with almost no money and within the limits of Cuban politics.

When they first started showing Cuban Chrome, the normalization of relations with the U.S. had not been announced. By the end of the season they were contemplating what the changes would mean to Cuban society and to them as car restorers. I wonder if it will stay as interesting if they can suddenly buy '58 Chevy parts on Ebay or from American wrecking yards.

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