Author Topic: lost posts, timing out etc  (Read 1293 times)

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lost posts, timing out etc
« on: 14.03. 2010 11:51 »

had a long reply typed but lost it

Can be due to a glitch in the pc, the web browser, the internet connection, the forum program, the server, or forgot to click 'post' etc

Check your browser's cookies & cache settings, and clean the pc regularly >

Forum inactivity timeout (auto log out) is 30 minutes (entering text in a post is not seen as activity, needs actual navigation \ clicking on buttons). Max characters in a post is 27500.

When making any long posts in any forum or any online service:
regularly copy what is written to the clipboard (highlight all text > ctrl c or right mouse button copy), then one can paste (ctrl v or right mouse paste) recent content into a new post if a problem occurred.

In extreme cases, if it's more like a novel or half a book, use an external program like notepad or word etc, save regularly, and copy\paste the final content into the post.
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