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Forum rules & info, condensed version
« on: 11.09. 2011 00:36 »
#1 For the 1st post, please start with an introduction post in Bikes, Pictures & Members, appreciated by all. The 1st post may not appear before it's reviewed by moderator.

# Update the profile with info about bike & location.

# Non-posting new members are deleted within a few days. Do not register if no intention of participation, just continue reading the forum as a guest.

# Any login or registering\activation problems, send a note using 'Contact' in the main menu.

#5 Post in the correct board, with a descriptive title. Start a new topic when a topic strays away from the original content\title >> avoid thread hijacking, please.

# Do not use capitals (SCREAM) in account names or topic titles & posts. This is a universally accepted rule in any forum.

# Personal Message (PM) sending is activated when 2 posts have been made. When receiving a notification email, please do not reply to the email, follow the link in the email to reply.

# Do not quote complete posts unless very necessary, quote only the relevant content when needed.

# In the tech boards, please keep strictly on topic, and restrict chat & loose talk... it's the tech boards!, use Chat & Offtopic for all the rest.

#10 No externally hosted picture links (Photobucket, Imageshack, Flickr etc etc). Upload pictures as attachments to posts.

# Please keep it all peaceful to the eyes, no animated avatars\embedded pictures, and use the smilies & special fonts\colors only when necessary.

# The forum is widely read, 10000's of links from Google etc, the quality of the content is what makes the quality of a forum, and the better the topic content, the more it can be of help to readers and A7\A10 owners.

# Moderators may edit\remove any content\post at any time if the content is deemed unfitting\not relevant to topic\potentially offensive\not adhering to the forum rules, or for any reason deemed appropriate.

#When writing some long & sophisticated post, read how to avoid losing it in case of being logged off, a pc or connection problem or whatever.

#15 Do not disclose any personal information (names, addresses, personal email or telephone etc) & do not use the same password\username on many (or all!) internet sites or forums. If there is a need to share info with another member, use your email or the forum PM (and remember anything on the net can (or will) be hacked).

# Members can edit their own posts (no time limit), use it whenever needed, but do not change too much after replying has started.

#Bumping is fine if getting no response to a question, wait a few days and post a reminder about needing help.

# The forum's aim is to be (stay) a friendly & helpful place, adhere to the current language & content code and all will be well.

See the top topics in Forum Info & Help for more details, please post any forum related questions there. Thanks.

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