Author Topic: suzuki clutch conversion  (Read 4945 times)

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Re: suzuki clutch conversion
« Reply #45 on: 16.09. 2017 01:25 »

 Lee,   did I miss something else?   *conf*...anyway, I measured the 'lift' at the end of the push- rod to be about 1/8" (~3.2mm-ish)....simply by using the depth gauge thingy on the end of my sliding ( digital) caliper on the end of the mainshaft/pushrod, and activating the hand lever.... *dunno*
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Re: suzuki clutch conversion
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I didn't make my Suzuki clutch. I bought the last one of a batch that Colin Tie had for sale. I had to get a spacer made in between inner and outer primary cover. I hope this picture is small enough to upload. The Watercutting Company did it for me. It cost NZ$100. He still has the drawing - if this is a help to anyone. I had to get longer Allen screws and make a spacer for behind the footrest mount, to the back plate.

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Re: suzuki clutch conversion
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hi guys, nice job that, cheers
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