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Magneto endfloat
« on: 19.01. 2016 19:58 »
I am wondering how or if there is any way of checking the end float in a magnet once it is fitted? It has been suggested the problem I am chasing could be caused by the end float being to tight. The mag has been rebuilt and fitted but not by me. Also current point gap is 10 thou is that to tight?
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Re: Magneto endfloat
« Reply #1 on: 19.01. 2016 20:06 »
If the bearings were loose then the check is easy,
grab the points centre bolt and see if it moves in and out
Tight would need the timing cover and the mag pinion removing, then see if you can turn tha magneto armature with your fingers, it should turn freely but will have a "tightness where the magnetic pull is felt

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Re: Magneto endfloat
« Reply #2 on: 19.01. 2016 22:32 »

. Also current point gap is 10 thou is that to tight?

 Recommended gap is twelve thou.(0.012")
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Re: Magneto endfloat
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So, running too far advanced.
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