Author Topic: gas tank and nacalle confusion  (Read 908 times)

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gas tank and nacalle confusion
« on: 29.04. 2009 22:55 »

 I dont know if this is an easy question to answer, or if its one of those "depends" type of things.

 The engine and frame are both 58, its for sure a Golden Flash. Now, the tank I have is a 4 gal. with the round badge and the mounting holes for knee grips. The box of bits does not have a nacelle, but instead the fork sleeves, with the headlight ears like I would expect to find on a rocket.

 Could this possibly be the correct combination?

 I realise this project is going to run into heavy money, so I want to be sure I spend it wisely on the correct parts. If this combination is incorrect, let me know and I can sell these and try to get the right stuff. Oh yes, I have seen pictures of a 58 flash with a round, and also a tear drop shaped badge...which is correct?

 I know you guys hear the tank badge stuff a lot, and sorry for asking again but this really has me confused and worried the "boys" once again threw the right parts away for the wrong ones.

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Re: gas tank and nacalle confusion
« Reply #1 on: 30.04. 2009 03:38 »
Lee, the tank badges are correct, the pear shape was introduced in 1960.
The question of a nacelle or not is tricky. Depending on where it was delivered it may have been ordered as you have it or some owner may have hated the nacelle.
I have seen Police Flashes here in parts of Australia with the front end as you have.
If you decide to go for the nacelle, good luck, as I think those parts are hard to come by.

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Re: gas tank and nacalle confusion
« Reply #2 on: 30.04. 2009 14:20 »
I agree with Trev, but also check the frame number, is it a F prefix, if so its a 58 and would [Normally] have a Nacelle and also full width cast hubs. If its an E prefix, then its a 57 year model which could have been sold in 58.

Dont forget that BSA sometimes just used whatever was in the parts bin.

If you go for the Nacelle, you could probably get one from Yeomans on 0121 4538886, also I think I read somewhere that new ones were being made, I think it was SRM unless I imagined it.


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