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A 10 challenge
« on: 13.06. 2009 15:26 »
About 2 years ago I started to rebuild a 51 A 10 gold flash that I stripped down 30 years ago. Today I found a tin of parts I didn't know I had. They may not all be BSA parts.... if you recognise any in the attached photos can you please let me know what they are? I suspect they will include rear hub parts and maybe clutch parts. I'll be grateful for any clues. Thanks.

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Re: A 10 challenge
« Reply #1 on: 13.06. 2009 16:50 »
Here we go,

second picture down - gearbox oil seal, goes behind sprocket.

third picture down - crankshaft oil seal, goes in left side crankcase behind cush drive.

fourth picture down - the locking washer that goes behind nut that holds gearbox sprocket on.

last picture - dont know, sorry.

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Re: A 10 challenge
« Reply #2 on: 16.06. 2009 09:44 »
Hi Gavin,

The circlip in the first photo is from the rear brake drum bearing cover.

The last picture is from the rear drum brake bearing cover, I can dig up a part number if needed.

The third picture (No 27) also looks like one of the older type fork seals, with the cow hide seal. ( took mine out a couple of weeks ago, guess measuring the ID/OD will answer which one it is ).

How did you go with the air intake hose ?.
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