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Tank identification
« on: 28.07. 2017 21:01 »

Can any of you kind people identify this tank for me?
Its been in my dads loft for years and we may use it for our restoration, however we really want a newly restored goldstar tank in silver with the round badges if we can find one.

Many thanks

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Re: Tank identification
« Reply #1 on: 28.07. 2017 21:56 »
Looks like a 1966 A65.  Pear shape badges, flat bottom edge and flip cap.

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Re: Tank identification
« Reply #2 on: 28.07. 2017 22:08 »
G'day Dave.
Don't get your hopes up regarding worth, but it's very much like this one
Think the vendor is dreaming.
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Re: Tank identification
« Reply #3 on: 28.07. 2017 22:20 »
Thanks guys, I really appreciate you help!!
I actually thought we may be able to use it, but a A50/A65 is no good as ours is a 54 bike..  Just wouldn't be right!

Once we've got a newly restored replacement, it may well get sold at auction, dream free!

Thanks Again

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Re: Tank identification
« Reply #4 on: 28.07. 2017 23:29 »
There many variants of the A65 tanks.  I have a bunch of them, On some, I would love to specifically ID each one but its off topic in this forum.  There are some early A65s with round badges like you seek, but I am doubting they fit right on the frames? (I would have to check some of mine) but I *THINK* The A65 frame is a little more compact so relationship to the triple clamps and bars to the seat as well would be different.

BSA did a small badge and big badge in round badge style tanks as well. Small badge tanks dont tend to sell for nearly as much as the big badge tanks.  Your A65 tank looks great in the picture from what I can see, but the chrome is gone or sanded?  Thats ALWAYS the big issue with a BSA.. Chrome is not easy or cheap to get done and BSA really liked Chrome on everything with puts resto costs higher by 40% on average compared to a Triumph of same year.
In the western US Chrome shops have been disappearing for many years. Many reasons but it is very hard to get something chromed now days. (Show chrome, not industrial-2 different animals)

At the significant risk of catching flak and flame trolling here,, I will say some of the Indian made repop tanks are pretty decent. The big problem is finding consistency.  I have seen some utter garbage but I have many friends and associates who have been very satisfied with Indian made tanks.  To be fair,. I have a friend in India who is manufacturing but he does alloy body work.  He makes an excellent point though.  The people making the products rarely actually talk or hear from the consumer. Most sellers are intermediaries-3rd parties. The craftsmen making the stuff would happily (in most cases) correct the problems if they knew about it.

My neighbor has 2 Goldie tanks he bought over in India and I agree with him. They are excellent and a fraction of the cost for a Original. Tony manufactures aerospace parts and been in the trade since a wee lad in Leeds UK.. He knows about manuf.

I have all kinds of obscure projects and some of them the body work was made out of that rare alloy Un-ob-tain-ium and I am amazed that much of this stuff is now available,.I never expected to see that.  Your choice but might be worth a look at the repop stuff. 

However, Depends on what you want. I have some OEM body work and tanks, and if you are not expecting perfect chrome, or perfect condition perhaps I might have what you want. (No,, no big round badge tanks, but I have some small badge and other tanks I am not sure what they are but look like they fit an A10.)
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