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Stafford....This weekend
« on: 14.10. 2017 01:24 »
I shant be joining you lads unless you fire up the Concord or a lear jet and come fetch me,  (maybe next year?) but  2 favors I ask.

#1) I have a 1947 or 48 Famous James with a stonkin' 98cc villiers motor and need some odds and ends for it, as well as I have a similar but a few years newer Villiers engine 190cc??? But it appears will fit in that frame and It too needs parts.
***I AM REMISS that I still do not have a spread sheet with part numbers, ID #s and description of the parts I need***  But if any of you attending can jot down, or pick up business cards for peddlers of such junk I would appreciate it.  I had some contact info sometime ago for one place but lost the info.  Villiers parts are not common in the US. 

#2) I have a friend from the UK who will be in a stall there peddling his junk, much of it sourced from us over here in the USA... He is English but resides in Scotland.  I sold him some BSA engines but they have not arrived yet (Container in transit)  But if you stop in,,, buy lots of stuff, Tell him you want the Doug discount, and help grease the skids for my bike to be shipped over from the UK to me here.  (I have a BSA sitting there gathering dust.)
Here is his location , message just recieved  " 511 behind the GP stand.
Tell him to look for gold Honda cb750 ko or velo MOV race bike
No container as yet."

If you find any stray Goldstar or RGS bits send them my way.  If you are Picture saavy and takes loads of them, I would love to see some of the show if you care to PM Me for my home email.  Would like to see what I missed.

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