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Battery box - PU7D
« on: 23.06. 2009 11:45 »

Seeking advice on the PU7D battery box from Draganfly (DF).

The DF book mentions being able to fit the black box, cut out the back and use a 12 volt 6AH battery: 12N5.5-3B, has anyone a photo of the finished product in the bike ( the thought of the 12 Volt 3AH is something I'd not be happy with)

To use the ugly 12 Volt 14AH modern or hide a 6AH behind the box ?.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Battery box - PU7D
« Reply #1 on: 09.08. 2009 18:29 »
Came across this post, maybe solved already. Here is my setup, 2x 6v 4,5 Ah sealed lead batteries, in parallel for my 6v system, but would give 12v in series. Maybe you can do something similar, as the sealed batteries are available in many special sizes.


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Re: Battery box - PU7D
« Reply #2 on: 10.08. 2009 09:40 »
I got one of these from Draganfly, quality is not great in my opinion & not cheap (yes, I know they pay proper wages!)
Lightning spares have  repro rubber batteries for about the same or slightly less, much better, which I would recommend as long as you keep it trickle charged
when laid up for long periods.
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