Author Topic: another cable soldering question  (Read 923 times)

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Re: another cable soldering question
« Reply #15 on: 08.01. 2018 21:21 »
This is one of the most esoteric threads I have ever read in a long life of restoring. Awesome!

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Re: another cable soldering question
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Glad you enjoyed it Peter.
Lead as we all know from the work of journalist who failed chemistry when they were 12 and so never did any more is the most dangerous metal on the planet.  *conf*
Prior to the ignorant informing the intelligent we all had solder pots at home and most of us understood what each type was used for.
One for doing the downpipes ( now of course plastic ) a different one for the rain water tanks & guttering now also plastic . Yet another for repairing holes in the cars body work now epoxy and of course yet another one for fixing up the valve radio and if you were lucky enough to have a car, a different grade to repair the radiator and for the spoilt softies with stored hot water plumbed directly to their bath tub, another one for hot water.

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