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for info of members down under - Went to Homebase in Berwick last week for some gravel, out drive in front of the garage is covered with small Whinstone chips, the damn things get every where, small enough to wedge in soles of your shoes they end up in the house, garage and the floor of my shed, since I had my TKR kneeling is possible but not recommended, so getting up of the floor requires for some time at least the same amount of thought as is require to put your jacket on wrong arm first if you see what I mean, so any small foreign objects down there are a danger (TKR and infection in them is to be avoided ).
So back to Berwick Home base,recently taken over from Sainsbury by an Australian firm, got me gravel 6 bags enough for the Fiesta, paid for them and asked if some one could watch me to the car ( there's a slope where you need to wheel your trolley at an angle ), so along comes a chap I had not seen before, him "No worries mate you get the car boot open I'll get this lot along", me "right thanks" at the car me "do I detect an Ausie twang", him "yeah mate", me are you with the firm thats taken over , him "wish I was", there followed a friendly conversation that included a lengthy whinge about the lack of decent plumbers in Berwick and - him " so I got one in the end and he said to me Bruce", me NO NO your an Aussie called Bruce, him pointing to the badge on his uniform " yeah ".
Turns out he and his wife came over here in 2002, really nice guy, I'll lookout for him next time I'm in
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