Author Topic: Did you think Edward Turner designed the first Triumph twin?  (Read 357 times)

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1934, Triumph, Valentine Page design. Forerunner of our BSA's?

Wet sump?

Semi-unit construction.

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This was after he had turned around  Ariel's fortunes when he was recruited in 1925 and famously designed the black Ariels; "The Modern Motorcycle".

One of the great engineers of the british industry.

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I have always been aware that Edward Turner did not design Triumphs first parallel twin, and I have often wondered why Turner has been credited with originating the parallel twin concept. It is a myth that has been perpetuated for so many years now that it is what people believe irrespective of what the facts are. It is often said that he had an inspirational flair for aesthetic design concepts, and the headlamp nacel has been cited as an example of this, however this design feature first appeared on Jawa motorcycles as far as I am aware. None the less there is no denying that Turner certainly had a considerable influence on the British motorcycle industry in general, and on Triumph in particular. Not always for the best as Bert Hopwood has implied, but that is another can of worms altogether.

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but that is another can of worms altogether.

Something we can certainly  produce then  ;)
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Mr Hopwood was mentioned, is he on this forum ( A legend ). His brother David was/is a wise owl as well.