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New BSA M21!
« on: 10.11. 2006 22:09 »
Am I about to upset the 'A' seris die hards? :o

Well I have just bought myself a BSA M21. (Dont worry the A10 is still in my possession!) The engine is dated 1948-49 (ZM21) and Frame I think is 1952-53 (BM20) Correct me if I'm wrong somebody!

Why an M21? wassrong with the A10? The A10 is a very good bike, has been and will continue to be so, but I had got to know her so well that I needed a new challenge. The M21 I have is a girder/rigid and is totally different to the late 1961 A10 that I have. I tell you the big single is fun to ride! Okay my leg is just about totally knackered but eventually when the cobwebs have been dusted away and I get to know the machine and how it likes to be started It should prove to be a reliable and enjoyable work horse. Anyone else out there got one? Maybe Erling and the die hards will allow this thread to carry on! unless someone starts a 'B' or 'D' series machines! :D

So... The bike was totally restored back in 1997 and since then it has only done 1,262. It was re-registered at that time and now has non transferable numbers attached. The previous owner had restored it to a military bike, I am not certain if the bike really was a military vehicle or not. So I may just write to the owner for its history, I purchased the bike from a dealer. The main wartime bike from BSA was the M20 and it is not really known if the M21 was used in the second war or not. As many M20s were decommisioned at the end of the war it seems unlikely that the Government would purchase M21 so soon after. So it leaves a bit of a question mark over it. Now I'm not really into Military machines and my intention was to strip it down and powdercoat it black. Seems a bit daft to go to all this work when there is nothing wrong with the bike as it is! Should I start a poll? Anyhow here are some photos! Enjoy!

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Re: New BSA M21!
« Reply #1 on: 11.11. 2006 10:04 »
I would want to get a few years use out of the bike before going to the bother of a repaint, chrome exhaust etc. I'm like you, not a military enthusiast but if a nice army B40 came along at the right price....If you like to ride all year round the M21 should be ideal as you dont have to worry about salt attacking the chrome.

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Re: New BSA M21!
« Reply #2 on: 11.11. 2006 11:41 »
Hi, congratulations with a great looking machine! Stories about member's other bikes or BSA's are of course welcome,  And there is the lucas, bike maintenance, amal etc stuff that can be discussed for any bike in any brit forum. Think the military look is great, if it was me I'd not re-restore it before it was really needed, the paint job looks superb on the pictures.


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Re: New BSA M21!
« Reply #3 on: 12.11. 2006 13:27 »
  I would use it just as it is.  That is as long as you are not planning any rides to the Middle East.  LOL.  It would make a good ride anywhere anyhow Ralley Bike.  Jeff

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Re: New BSA M21!
« Reply #4 on: 12.11. 2006 15:15 »
Looks nice to me, I wouldn't worry with a repaint until it is time, then go black.
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