Author Topic: A10 Clutch Spring Retainers  (Read 1001 times)

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A10 Clutch Spring Retainers
« on: 23.07. 2009 10:08 »
After recently removing my primary chain case to change an engine sprocket I noticed that my clutch has four springs each held in by a slot headed dome nut.

Each of these nuts however seem to be tensioned against their respective clutch spring by various degrees. Two nuts look to be screwed up hard against their springs (as I can see the spring retaining rods sitting just proud of the nuts) whilst the other two seem to be a lot looser (i.e. the domed nuts are about 3-4mm proud of the rods).

Is this normal adjustment for the clutch to work or should all four of the dome nuts be hard up against their respective clutch spring?

Note: As the clutch stands now, if I pull in the clutch lever, the clutch basket protrudes uniformaly, however if I tighten any of the loose looking clutch nuts the basket protrudes more on one side than the other.

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Re: A10 Clutch Spring Retainers
« Reply #1 on: 23.07. 2009 11:11 »
I think you need a set of new springs. It sounds like yours have got a bit tired.

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Re: A10 Clutch Spring Retainers
« Reply #2 on: 23.07. 2009 14:30 »
Yep the springs sound tired, but whoever set the clutch up last did the right thing. Even with new springs you have to make sure the plate lifts evenly. Use a dial guage on the plate with the clutch lever pulled in, turn the clutch slowly and adjust the spring nuts till even.
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Re: A10 Clutch Spring Retainers
« Reply #3 on: 25.07. 2009 14:27 »
Is the clutch working OK? If so, new springs are a waste of money.

I'm not sure what you mean by "screwed up hard against their springs"; the nuts are supposed to be in contact with their springs.
If the springs are coil-bound, that's another matter, and the clutch wouldn't work at all.

The fact that the nuts show different amounts of screw thread is perfectly reasonable - the goal, as Chris states, is to get the plate to lift evenly.

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