Author Topic: Inductive Hardening of a camshaft - First stage - Not BSA  (Read 185 times)

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I scrounged this off Facebook as I thought it was pretty interesting:

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    Too right GB. Must take several minutes to do each cam. Volume production? A whole room full of those machines perhaps. Just like the Dark Satanic Mills.  Hope they are on a good cheap Leccy Tariff.


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I liked that, I had imagined lots of gas jets !!
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 We use inductive heaters to replace bearings in electric motors.

 There is a fine line between hot enough to slip onto a shaft, and smoking the grease out of the bearing.

 And of course the first thing you have to do as an apprentice is burn yourself with the damn thing.

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No future in that... we will need all the electricity we can produce to put in our future electric vehicles...   ;) *smile*
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