Author Topic: ATD fibre gear teeth  (Read 1050 times)

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Re: ATD fibre gear teeth
« Reply #15 on: 09.12. 2018 13:10 »
Gear meshing.

This is how it looks on my A10.

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Re: ATD fibre gear teeth
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 G'day... It is a simple case of lulling you into a false sense of security. It knows!!!  No, not really.  This engine in its standard form will still run pretty well despite neglect and mal adjustment. This is why when set up to perfection the performance can be absolutely phenomenal. They really can move in mysterious ways, defying all logic.  Treat it gently as you start to learn its foibles, reckon you have a winner there.

  Just checked the wear pattern on an ATD gear...the mesh pattern is almost to the bottom of the fibre teeth, so either you have a bad or worn gear, or the maggy is fitted a bit too far back. The depth of mesh is acceptable for light local use, but not really reliable enough for highway trips. Try slackening the three retaining nuts and see if you can move the maggy  a bit closer. The fibre gear is replaceable, fiddly to do. You need one with 44 Teeth if you go searching for another ATD.

  Bergs, just heard from the carpet awaits. I am booking an eye test tomorrow.


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Re: ATD fibre gear teeth
« Reply #17 on: 11.12. 2018 08:28 »
JulianS...that's how mine look...the black tooth tips are just had to see.  Thanks to all for the attention though.

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Re: ATD fibre gear teeth
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...I replaced the washers...
If you remove the pump; just in case you don't know: The nose of the oil pump needs a fibre washer under the body so that it is at the same level as the main part, that has a gasket under it. If it's not fitted, the pump body will get distorted.

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Re: ATD fibre gear teeth
« Reply #19 on: 27.03. 2019 22:03 »
Any recommendations for an auto advance fibre gear somewhere near Manchester anybody?

I'm desperate, and unfortunately Priory Magnetos are shut for holidays. *sad2*

Also, does anybody know the spec/size for the rivets please!

Thanks in advance chaps!
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