Author Topic: What finish to use on kickstarter, gear change and brake levers?  (Read 264 times)

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Happy New Year to Everyone!

Here's a probably daft question that you 'more experienced' members will be able to answer quickly... I've reached that part of my A10 plunger restoration where I'm deciding on who to choose for my chrome/other metal plating and getting used to the high quotes from potential suppliers. But my question is, what finish should I use on the three levers; kickstarter, gear and brake?

I've sand blasted then all so they are nice and clean, but rust is slowly returning so I need to treat the surfaces. Should I chrome or zinc plate them, or use a silver metal paint like Hammerite to protect them? And how did BSA treat these components, not that I'm a purist or anything. Your suggestions and advice appreciated!

Thanks guys, and may 2019 be a great year for you all  *smile*. Simon
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Simon, I had the following items bright chromed: gear, clutch and kickstart levers, fork and plunger shrouds, and the petrol tank. I used ACF Howells in the West Midlands; their work was excellent. My only issue with them was that the tank was returned with rust inside. I lined the tank to fix the rust.

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G'day Simon.
The rear brake lever is painted black.
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And remember - cheap chrome is exactly that.
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