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Hello there !
« on: 15.10. 2019 14:34 »
Hi fellas,

Last week, my long time dream came true, in the form of a BSA Road Rocket.
Everything's there, I just have to reassemble everything.
No restoration here, my student means don't allow it, i just want it perfectly functional.

I'm very happy to join your community !
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Re: Hello there !
« Reply #1 on: 15.10. 2019 15:02 »
Welcome Anthony.
Good luck with the rebuild.
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Re: Hello there !
« Reply #2 on: 15.10. 2019 16:20 »
 *welcome* Anthony.
You will find all the advice you need on this forum - plus plenty of "shaggy dog" stories .
It is good to see younger members resisting the lure of shiny Japanese machinery and going for one of our old irons.
Good luck with the rebuild and keep us posted.

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Re: Hello there !
« Reply #3 on: 15.10. 2019 17:06 »


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Re: Hello there !
« Reply #4 on: 15.10. 2019 17:57 »
Hi! Anthony and  *welcome*. It really is good to see a forum member who is not, how can I put this sensitively?, OLD!

We are here to answer any questions about these motorbikes and we will have a go at any other of lifes problems. We can certainly scare the bejesus out of you, with talk of blocked sludge traps, wet sumping and swing-arm bushes that will not come out! Do you have someone locally, who can give you a hand? Where are you located, (roughly)? How about joining your nearest branch of the BSA Owners Club?

Please, will you tell us more about how you came to own that bike and any other relevant information so we know at what level to pitch the advice?

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Re: Hello there !
« Reply #5 on: 15.10. 2019 18:39 »
A welcome (from Alpes Maritimes), nice to see a 'french' bike.
Hoping the forum will be of good help to get the bike on the road.

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Re: Hello there !
« Reply #6 on: 15.10. 2019 19:53 »
G'day Anthony  *welcome*
I echo all sentiments above.
Good to have a young un on board to help us old farts with technology.
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Re: Hello there !
« Reply #7 on: 15.10. 2019 21:39 »
Welcome Anthony good luck with the Rocket
All the best - Bill
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Re: Hello there !
« Reply #8 on: 15.10. 2019 22:36 »
Nothing gladdens the heart like a Bitsa.  I think perfectly functional may be a bit optimistic but good luck with it. Be aware you have entered into a relationship which may well last a lifetime. Look forward to reading of your progress, this forum is an excellent support and advice centre.
 *beer* *wave* *welcome* *good3*
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Re: Hello there !
« Reply #9 on: 15.10. 2019 23:13 »

Welcome to the forum. Are you anywhere near Normandy? Our member "Groily" lives around there. I'm not volunteering his help or advice, but I am rather certain he would offer it happily, the very good guy that he is. You can PM him through the message utensil.

Richard L.
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Re: Hello there !
« Reply #10 on: 16.10. 2019 01:08 »
Hi Anthony,
Welcome from the other side of the World. We are a great bunch of old farts willing to help wherever we can. As suggested earlier join a local BSA club if you can, you will find lots of good guys and help there I am sure. My BSA Club here in South Australia is one of the best with the greatest bunch of helpful people and some of the most beautiful old bikes around.
Good luck with the rebuild. Gerry

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Re: Hello there !
« Reply #11 on: 16.10. 2019 08:05 »
Anthony, Welcome to the Forum. Looks like you have most of a bike which has survived quite well. Tell us how you came to buy it, any history, and a brief summary of the other bits and pieces you have.  The first problem you will have is that none of your metric spanners will fit...and you will need some old imperial BSF and Whitworth sizes....or a couple of good adjustable ones.

 BSA stands for Birmingham Small Arms.  BSA were originally a gun maker, then moving into bicycle and motorcycle production. We oldies regard BSA as "Best Shoved Along" or "Bits Stuck Anywhere".  There are a few other descriptions, but too crude and rude to post here.

 If you can find the first 4 digits of the frame and engine numbers, that will help us identify what you have. Keep the rest of the numbers to yourself.

All the best getting a runner back on the road.


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Re: Hello there !
« Reply #12 on: 16.10. 2019 09:57 »
Thank you all for your warm welcome !

Jim, I actually started on a Japanese bike, a Honda CM125, in which i later put a 250cc in, from a CB Two Fifty. I still own this machine, it's my baby. I've been everywhere i could with it, Italy and Spain most notably.
You guessed it I like to cruise and travel. I grew a bit tired of the underpowerness of the Honda, but at the same time I'm used to it. The BSA seems like the perfect step up ! Torquey, but not super fast as I've been told. Exactly what I want.
And what i've been wanting for ages, well since I discovered what the BSA really are.

I don't have much money as I said, so I left the idea in a corner of my brain for when I'd make enough. (But still checking the classifieds every now and then obviously !)

Anyway, two weeks ago, my uncle calls me. (He's really into motorcycles too, his passion is the Yamaha V-Max).
I spare you the details but I sh*t you not, he bought me the BSA!!! From a man near Paris who has a bunch and is selling nearly everything, that we met two month prior.
Mind-blowing. After much talking with the guy and since they got along very well, my uncle got a sweet bargain for it. He said I have my lifetime to repay him. Such a kind man he is.
And I thought he got me a classic A7, and it would've been absolutely fine. I almost passed out of joy when he said he snagged me the the 650 with aluminum head... And here we are today.

Hahah well Neil I don't how there isn't more "young" people interested by such magnificent machines. I guess they prefer ABS... not even AJS haha !
I live in Dijon. I haven't thought about the BSA Owners Club, I still hardly believe that I now am an owner too ! I look into it but I know nothing about really.

A10gf, hopefully we'll ride together some day when I'll ride south.

Richard, so not near Normandy at all, but i was in Ouistreham last month for the Normandy Beach Race. It was quite the event, with lots of 30' to 60's bikes and cars, maybe I saw him without knowing it.

The bike is currently not in Dijon so I can't check the numbers. I'll see it this weekend. All I know it's a A10 engine in a A7 frame. I have some questions and projects I'll post in Technical...
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Re: Hello there !
« Reply #13 on: 16.10. 2019 10:03 »
Thanks for that informative post. If you are French, I hope I'm allowed to complement your written English. My French is almost non-existent. We did not do languages at my school; we did woodwork, metalwork and technical drawing instead.  *conf*

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Re: Hello there !
« Reply #14 on: 16.10. 2019 10:10 »
Hi, an interesting story and a really nice reply to all the good wishes. Best wishes with your BSA.

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