Author Topic: Very belated introduction.  (Read 119 times)

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Very belated introduction.
« on: 03.11. 2019 14:23 »
Sorry to take so long to have posted this.

Started in 1975 with a '61 swinging arm flash and Busmar double adult sidecar, I have limited balance :-). After a gentle collision the sidecar completely fell apart - rotten. Sold the chassis and bought a sport chair - Briggs.
Bought a '66 LE Velocette which I've still got - though not running -it's the next project.
In 1982 bought a BMW R100S and sold the A10. Rode the BMW on and off till a couple of years ago when I sold it and bought the current 53 plunger flash and separately, a Steib S500 chair.
Up till now apart from a crankshaft replacement on the BMW and using an auto-engineer for regrinds and rebores I've done all my own maintenance and rebuild work.

Located in Huddersfield.

'53 Plunger Flash, Steib S500.

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Re: Very belated introduction.
« Reply #1 on: 04.11. 2019 04:25 »
Better late than never !


'56 A10 Red Flash
'54 B33
‘74 BMW R75-6