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Gents: I want to clear some space by passing on most of my spares to someone who can use them (or has the energy to sell them on).  I don’t want to get involved with posting or ebay.  They are mostly plunger A10, some are pre-patinated, all are useable.  I would like any buyer to inspect the parts before collection from East Lancashire, 1 mile from the M66 junction. I’m no longer working so could arrange a meeting any time of the week.  I’ve bundled the parts into 12 “lots” which I don’t want to split, prices are as noted. I’ll update the list as/if they sell.

Lot 1. £120  Photo:
Plunger Gearbox seems complete apart from inspection cover but will need inspection /refurb.
Gearbox end cover (version with grease nipple for clutch arm)
2 x kickstart levers (non-folding)
1 x swinging arm gearchange lever
1 x short gearchange lever 4 ½ “ long plunger type splines ?
Set of 3rd gear cogs
Various bits: K/start springs, mainshaft bearing circlip, sprocket nut

Lot 2. £110  Photo:
Set of tappets, few thou wear, with retaining pins
Pushrods: 1 set all alloy, 1 set alloy with steel ends, 1 pushrod all steel (inlet)
2 x camshafts 67-334 few thou wear
2 x camshaft pinions
1 x breather sleeve
Rocker inspection cover with breather pipe fitted
2 x polished rocker arms (spindle centre to rod cup 1¼“, to adjuster 1½“ )
4 rocker shaft acorn nuts, 1 oil feed banjo bolt

Lot 3. £30  Photo :
Big fin iron cylinder head 1 fin broken (under exhaust port)
6 valves, assortment of springs, valve cups, collars, collets, collars

Lot 4. £180   Photo :
Small journal crankshaft, unused since it was reground – big ends to 1.43 (-0.030) timing journal ground to –0.040). Sludge trap plugs removed and new ones loosely fitted.
Boxed Glacier brand big end shells to suit (0.030)
Set of shims
3 spare sludge trap plugs
3 conrods (straight)
2 new unused small end bushes (not fitted)
12 used conrod bolts

Lot 5. £40  Photo :
2 x chrome plunger shrouds (top) very good
A10 fork oil seal holder tool (MCE)
2 x plunger unit /silencer bolt 67-4128 used
2 x plunger rear wheel adjusting screw and springs (very used)
Plunger pillion footrest mounting bobbin 67-4183 n.o.s.
2 x plunger bottom spring collar 89-4258 ( 1 n.o.s. 1 s/s)
3 x spacers unable to identify as follows:
     11/32" ID, 1" OD, 11/16" long
     11/32" ID, 1 1/8" OD, 21/32" long S.S.
     5/8" ID, 1" OD, 7/16" long
1 x rear wheel spacer S.S. new - not plunger or S.A. measures 11/16" ID, 1 5/16" OD, 7/8" long
1 x felt washer retaining washer 65-5887 new
1 x petrol tank retaining bush 67-8109 / 67-81 used
2 x steering head cup 66-4149 used OK
steering race removal tool
1 x plunger pillion footrest 29-7561
4 x fork top nuts
10 x girling unit collets
2 x handlebar clamps (rough)
Plunger rear wheel spindle used.

Lot 6. £60  Photo :
2 x plunger clutch baskets/sprocket
1 x plunger clutch centre
1 x plunger pressure plate
various springs, cups nuts
3 plain plates (1 new unused)
5 insert plates (2 new unused)
clutch thrust washer abutment ring 67-3251
chin tension adjuster 67-1261
engine sprocket/cush drive/ spring/nut
chaincase oil seal retainer 67-1243

Lot 7. £80  Photo :
2 x A65 rear brake operating arm 42-6045 ( 1 chrome, 1 paint)
Smiths speedo rear wheel gearbox ratio 19:10
A65 tool for timing (screws into c/case)
Ariel KH camshaft etc extractor
A65 fork oil seal holder tool
2 x A65 short oil seal holders chrome
2 x A65 points covers (1 with BSA logo 2 holes broken, 1 no logo very good)
Boyer ignition back plate and rotor
A65 left hand footrest 68-4802
Triumph right hand footrest 82-4215
A65 type brake light switch works
2 x mudguard stays chrome unused 272mm centres

Lot 8. £80  Photo :
E3L dynamo not working, but was refurbed a few years ago, fiueld coil OK but 3 open circuits on armature windings
Stoplight switch universal still in packet
Britax stop light switch (big square thing) works
JG electronic dynamo regulator
A10 headlight switch (pattern)
3 x end plates for E3l (2 original, 1 pattern)
1 x band for E3L dynamo
Altette type horn needs refurb

Lot 9. NOW SOLD  Photo :
Plunger A10 tank badge sand casting mould – for casting aluminium badges
4 x aluminium badges as cast from mould

Lot 10. £40  Photo :
2 x aluminium clutch levers unused (could use one as brake but slot shows)
Handlebar air/ignition lever
Bar end mirror chrome hardly used
7” headlamp rim
7 ½” headlamp rim
Front wheel mudguard stay, 1 piece for ??
Chaincase/oil tank cap
Petrol tank cap
Exhaust/silencer clamp chrome good
Old tyre pump 13” long doesn’t work, good for show
Oil pump – needs refurb
Oil pump driving spindle 67-1389 good
Crankshaft pump gear 67-642 and nut 67-643
Oil pump studs and nuts (set)
Sump plate , studs and nuts no gauze
Plunger breather pipe and bracket

Lot 11. £65  Photo :
Plunger brake pedal 67-7026
Front brake operating arm chrome unused
Set of plunger rear brake shoes used
Set of half width 8” front brake shoes 67-5558 relined by Saftek and never fitted

Lot 12. £90  Photo :
Automatic timing device for K2F –good
Alloy K2F pinion for manual advance
Steel contact breaker set K2F
K2F end housing – manual advance
K2F end housing for auto advance, for screw on end cap
K2F end cap plastic pattern
Carb drip tray
2 x complete concentric 928 carbs
2 x 600 type carb bodies ( 1 with jet block)
Monobloc jet block
Amal tops, rings, needles, jet holders, jets, banjos, screws, springs etc
Ted Wilkinson, Ramsbottom, Lancashire
1950 Golden Flash