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Tail Lamp Size
« on: 27.03. 2020 16:27 »
My 1948 A7 would have originally had a small, round tail lamp but it was fitted with the later type of Lucas lamp before I bought the bike. I have always understood that the small lamp was no longer legal in UK but I can't remember why. I know that bikes made after 1936 are required to have a stop lamp but don't know if these small lamps had the double filament bulb? Or perhaps they did not illuminate the number plate?

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Re: Tail Lamp Size
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 fido     See if you can find a wiring diagram for your model year, this will help detail what bulb and lamp unit was used.

 The excellent Brightspark Magnetos website has early Lucas Catalogues  and Application data, so is a good place to start.
http: //   Look in the Library Section.

 The literature section of this very forum has links to workshop electrical data, parts lists and illustrations for earlier models.


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Re: Tail Lamp Size
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Hey, long time no see, Fido, welcome back !

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