Author Topic: How did you solve the stop support for central stand?  (Read 125 times)

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Or what is the standard original?
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Re: How did you solve the stop support for central stand?
« Reply #1 on: 03.04. 2020 19:31 »
  Martin   On my plunger bike the stand stops are the cutouts on the underside of the silencers.  I'm thinking your bike has a good mix of non standard parts, and your stand stop does the job well, as an add on. It is not an original fitting. Proper silencers  are the same both sides, and have cutouts to clear the stand footpads (almost).  Mine has wear and the bike comes off the stand with a clang,  as the stand hits the silencers unless I am quick enough to catch the stand extension with my boot.

 The design and position of the stand spring pulls the stand to lie flat  and horizontal against the frame/footrest member. There is no other stop apart from the stand, frame and silencers.

 Wear in the stand, frame eyes and pivot pins all contribute to the stand not ending up where it should be, swinging up slightly higher than designed, to contact the underside of the silencers.


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Re: How did you solve the stop support for central stand?
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HI All,
Last year I repaired the stand pivots on a friends Star twin, He had it apart anyway as the engine needed work so took this as an opportunity to repair and repaint the frame
For some reason I do not have seemed to photograph the stand itself ??? that took a good deal of work
As the pivots wear it allows the ends of the stand legs to swing up farther and clatter off the silencers and so on
The feet of the stand were worn to a sharp edge, along with the faces that meet the frame in the up and down position
I machined and sleeved the original pivot bolts, a bit less work than making complete new ones ??
I welding rods I used were 312L (used for dissimilar metals) they worked really well

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