Author Topic: Ribbed front mudguard for A10???  (Read 111 times)

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Ribbed front mudguard for A10???
« on: 29.05. 2020 17:46 »
Hi, finally I was able to get ribbed front mudguard for my BSA. I have A10 plunger but now there is valanced mudguard 67-6543B from 1954-57. The one which I have bought is similar to 65-6605. But there is something different to my expectation at the end of the mudguard where "Front stand/rear stay" should be assembled. Do you have any idea about this mudguard? Is it one from A10? Or is it simple to rework it?
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Re: Ribbed front mudguard for A10???
« Reply #1 on: 29.05. 2020 18:19 »
My '55 Plunger A10 front guard has valances and no rib. The rear guard does have a rib. I think my bike had a prang at some time in its life so the mudguard may have been changed.

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Re: Ribbed front mudguard for A10???
« Reply #2 on: 29.05. 2020 19:03 »
    Martin, The guard you have bought is not from a Plunger A10, it is narrower, and of the style of the earlier A7  and Star Twin. Do a search for A7 Longstroke, see how the images compare with your mudguard.

 Here is a modern one from a UK supplier for comparison.

 This is the basic pressing, needs the support bridge mounting holes, but shows a similar shape to yours. You can see a strengthening plate tack welded to the bottom rear for the rear stay.  Being a modern reproduction it may not be 100% accurate, and of course yours may not actually be a genuine original BSA part.