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distributor conversion
« on: 12.11. 2020 20:55 »
When discussing converting a triumph 5T distributor to suit a vee twin a while back, Chaterlea John suggested using a single-lobed cam with two sets of points rather than making a special 60 degree cam.
I made the latter, but have lately been considering the single lobe idea further. However, it dawns on me that a twin points set-up would require a dedicated coil and condenser to each CB set because otherwise, with the point sets connected together, as one set of points opened the other would be closed (still earthing the coil) with resultant lack of spark. On the plus side, presumably there would be no need for a distributor cap and rotor arm. Is my thinking correct?

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Re: distributor conversion
« Reply #1 on: 13.11. 2020 13:06 »
Hi RD,
Yes correct , it will be just like  two separate single cylinder setups
The AJS/ Norton v twin I recomissioned last year is set up like that 
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