Author Topic: Voltage Reg help please  (Read 198 times)

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Voltage Reg help please
« on: 13.11. 2020 02:24 »
Many years ago I replaced my Lucas voltage regulator with this. I think it was from an early seventies 650 Kawasaki W1 or W2.
It doesn't have the Lucas FADE terminals, and I've lost the original wiring diagram I drew for it.
Can any electro guru help with the connections please?
I assume there will be an earth, a D, an F (from the E3L Dynamo, and an output to the battery (via the Ammeter?).
(I think when I rewired the bike many years ago I retained POS Earth).

From (Earthed mount) marked +61, I get 1.5 ohms to Dynamo F plug
From terminal B+ I get 1.5ohms to Dynamo D plug

"Please explain..."  *smile*

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Re: Voltage Reg help please
« Reply #1 on: 13.11. 2020 12:22 »
When off the bike, 1 coil will have an open contacts on top, this will be the cut out. One side of the contacts will go to the ampmeter/battery. The other coil will have closed contacts on top, this will be the regulator, one side of which will go to field.
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