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Re: Winter starting
« Reply #60 on: 17.01. 2021 11:03 »
I recently fitted tyres to a box trailer. I had trouble getting the tyre to seal against the wheel. I found a solution using ratchet tie-down straps. I put them around the tread and cinched them up tight.

Taking the valve cores out allows a better rush of air. Obviously, put them back in once the beads are in place.

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Re: Winter starting
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Just to polish this one off, the new technic worked on all the bikes (except the triumph which has so many issue I dont count it). I gave up the trial with the A7 as now I know how to start it after a layup it did not seam worth while. It will soon be warmer and the 3 reliable bikes will all start being used regularly and will not require the extended procedure  *smile* 
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