Author Topic: Speedometer help!  (Read 298 times)

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Re: Speedometer help!
« Reply #15 on: 07.04. 2021 18:53 »
Really wanted to keep the handlebars clear of gubbins, but solution is on picture attached.
Amazon supplied parts, GPS Cycle computer, no cables, on-board battery, auto back light, USB charged (supposed 25 hour battery life!) so only ever cable connected to charge it, and dual USB charging point with LCD Voltmeter!
Previously wired up key ignition switch, so all enabled when ignition on ready to charge GPS as and when.
Would have liked to go the GPS head replacement, but not filing hole in nacelle out to 85mm.
Indian replacement, still wouldn't have genuine trip-meter and would have to get drive cable made up, and £400 for a genuine minus mine in p/x, nice idea but that can wait!
So, thanks for all comments and will update after I've done a few rides!
Dick Snow.