Author Topic: Spelling (ex wet sumping)  (Read 1541 times)

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Spelling (ex wet sumping)
« on: 12.09. 2009 10:39 »
To keep the wetsump topic on track, here is the extracted parallel discussion. Great discussion, and all opinions very welcome, but in it's own topic!

Now a bit of a moan - Sume of the crap splelling in thay threed make it velly ard to reed fazt, I was giong cross eyed afta raeding frew it. If we canrt spal, can we use speel chek? Yeah i no its wots writ wots more importunt but it gits fookin anoyin. Moan over no offence.

Aww come on A10boy smile. Many people on this forum aren't native speakers or may have difficulties with their writing. Either way they can be quite self conscious about it.
I'd hate to think that anyone would be put off from making a valuable contribution to this forum, because of what people might think about their spelling or grammar.
I know you didn't mean to offend anyone with that remark. I just worry that you might.

Richard from Minety:
How does one use spell check on this forum for checking the spelling?
As I have not found it and have to copy to word then spell check and then paste back to my post

rocket man:
i also think there right a10boy why did you send me a personal
message with my spelling because its wrong were not at school now you know what does it matter
a lot of people on here  can uderstand me so why carnt you

Quote from: Richard from Minety on 10.09. 2009 20:23
How does one use spell check on this forum for checking the spelling?
As I have not found it and have to copy to word then spell check and then paste back to my post

Firefox includes a spell checker.  Just look for words underlined in red.  Another novel idea is to read what you typed before you hit the "Post" button.
And yes, we all misspell a couple of word every now and then, but when it's every other get's pretty damned hard to read.  FWIW, the so-called native speakers are mostly the worst offenders.

Richard from Minety:
Firefox where is that on this forum?
as I have never heard of it.
I have had no problem understanding anything you have posted , I went to school and I still have problems with my spelling also sometimes I do not understand some words that are used by, lets say better educated people than myself who normally use those type of words, so I make no bones about it I just post back and say I do not understand them and ask for an explanation, so keep posting and if like me you find computors are sometimes difficult to use as far as sorting spelling out, then forget it and ignore those that moan about it, dont bite as that sort of thing will drag this forum down to levels of other sites.

rocket man:
thanks Richard your right mate we want this forum to stay the way it is

Richard... Firefox is a browser like Internet Explorer... Give it a try, and like Alec says... It includes a spelling checker.

Regarding jargon and accents and spelling, I think we should just let it go. After all, we have international members who are not English speakers and cannot be expected to meet our idea of proper phraseology, verb conjugation and word choice, et cetera. As for myself, I do not want to discourage those members from contributing or seeking advice on fear of ridicule for their skill with English. As for the English speakers who write casually in their accents, it reminds me of reading Mark Twain, who could conjur up all types of people, making them more real and all the more interesting by replicating their particular tongue. I enjoy it. All that said, Andy, and wit no disrespeck to dem what yooze was moanin bout, I thought your attempt to replicate some crazy brogue was pretty funny, even if I don't share the sentiment.
Regarding spell checking, from what I can tell Simple Machines, the source of this forum software, has a spell checker and I am sure our administrator has a good reason for not including it. If it costs, I'm there with a share, I'm down with a pound, I'll holler up a dollar, I'll crank out a Franc, I'll endure a Euro (Ok, you're all tired of that!).

bsa- bill:
Hi Rocket man
you spell pheonitcally ( I probably spelt that wrong, means you write it as it sounds) and that's fine by me, keep posting.
English is I believe a living language so words are added and spelling of such changes too, I cannot get my head around the word "texted" though, seems all wrong to me, sorry wondered of subject again.
Alex I use Firefox I like it but can't find a spell checker, do you have to download it as an add on and if so which one do you use
All the best - Bill ( A Geordie, so I speak and spell funny )

Sorry guys I'm going to go off topic as well and I should know better.
Bill... If you have the latest version of FireFox 3.5.2 then Spelling checker is included but you might need to turn it on. Have a look at this link to enable you to do that...
Edit: If it still does not work then you might need to Add-on the Dictionary...

Sorry fellas but I could not resist dragging this one out;-
Eye halve a spelling chequer
 It came with my pea sea
 It plainly marques four my revue
 Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.

 Eye strike a key and type a word
 And weight for it two say
 Weather eye am wrong oar write
 It shows me strait a weigh.

 As soon as a mist ache is made
 It nose bee fore two long
 And eye can put the error rite
 Its rare lea ever wrong.

 Eye have run this poem threw it and
 I am shore your pleased two no
 Its letter perfect awl the weigh
 My chequer tolled me sew

where's the wetsumping thread gone... ? Maybe rename it wetspelling. Entertaining reading (but I'd rather read it in Stories and Chat...)
Spellcheck, see

I understood every word Trevor wrote. I use Google Chrome, it has spell check, but US spelling.

Re Spelling;

I didn?t mean to insult anyone and I apologise if I have.   neutral

The thing is, I very much look forward to and enjoy reading the brilliant posts in this forum and very much respect peoples technical opinions, but some posts can be bloody hard work to read when even the most basic words are miss-spelled.
I know we all make typos from time to time, but random typos aren?t the problem, its simple words which are spelled wrongly over and over and ruin an otherwise good post ? and it gets fkin anoying.
Yeah, and it's frustrating that the non English seem to be better than certain natives.

rocket man:
thats ok a10boy i will try harder next time to spell right
its just i try to type as fast as i can because i have other things to
do which are more important im sorry if it upsets you but can you stop sending
me messages thanks i think most people on here are much easier to get on with
and if you dont like reading my replies dont read them its that simple

"Sometimes I say things that are so highly intelligent that I do not understand a word of it"