Author Topic: 1956 A10 RR Exhausts  (Read 115 times)

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1956 A10 RR Exhausts
« on: 03.05. 2021 00:50 »
I am assembling a 1956 BSA A10 Road rocket when i came to put on the NOS TOGA downpipes the bracket that goes to the front engine mount is approximately 1.5" too high on both the left #221195 and right hand #241195 side exhaust pipes. Was there a difference between the 56 RR ? I am now thinking of ordering a set of siamese A10 pipes and a goldie silencer. I did get 2 New TOGA BSA mufflers with the RR but find out that they are both left hand.

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Re: 1956 A10 RR Exhausts
« Reply #1 on: 03.05. 2021 11:44 »
First thought is that they are actually A7 pipes. Here the lower run of the pipe would also be too high. If  the sweep of the pipes seems correct my guess is that the bracket is simply in the wrong place. Block (Jug) height of the A7 and A10 is different, A7 is lower.