Author Topic: Stan Pollock info for Fido  (Read 1053 times)

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Stan Pollock info for Fido
« on: 29.01. 2007 20:12 »
Hi Fido, 

I didn't want to change the thread of the "Frame" posting when I saw your input about Stan Pollock.  Stan and I were good friends and met up at BSA club camps and rallies on a regular basis up to a couple of years ago.  He rode a '69 A65 which he had from new and did a phenomenal mileage on it.  However, he packed his biking in, sold up everything else and went to live in Thailand.  I agree, he was a character.  The type of guy you never forget.  He always made an entrance, stole the show, had a great laugh and had quite a few party pieces.  It was good to see his name mentioned again.  Thanks for that.