Author Topic: Hi guys, how to shut off the engine, can anyone show me in picture form  (Read 1324 times)

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the various ways, how to shut off the engine,bsa 59 Flash ?? Stop Switch ??Mag ?? (last of my silly questions) Thanks-almost there
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Here you go mate, 1 wire going from mag end to kill switch on handlebars. Rich
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I have this image of you writing this email with your garage filling up with exhaust fumes.
How much fuel is there left in the tank? *smile*

I've attached a pic of my magneto. There are different types of end caaps and bodies though. Mine is a manual advance retard, and that shiney button you can see in the middle of the end cap, earths the magneto and makes the bike stop.

More sophisticated versions have them on the handlebar with a wire trailing down to the magneto. This  means  that you can cut the engine without taking your hand of the 'bars, when the throttle has jammed wide open and you're heading flat out towards a bus queue of pensioners.


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Close the petrol tap and wait, or... on the magneto, by whatever chosen means, short the central points bolt to frame = stop.

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G'day Stephen,
                    depends on what type of points cover is on your magy. Early type is a button in the middle of the cover that you press to stop. Then there are some with a post in the same spot that connects a wire going to the handle bar kill button. Then theres the fiber type that has a connection similar to the spark leads and connects wire to the h/b kill button. They all work the same way by earthing the center bolt. At the other end of the magy there is a screw that holds the earth brush to complete the circuit. The h/b kill button earths out when pressed, same as a horn button.
Clear as mud.
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OK thanks a bunch-steve
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Hi Steve
If you go down the handle bar kill switch make sure its a good quailty one, mine did have the habit of stick on, ie earthed out.

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