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Time for a ride.
« on: 19.02. 2010 09:29 »

Well, i finally got organized and got my A7 registered.  Must be time for a legal ride i thought.....

A friend of mine came down from Perth on his new Triumph for a couple of days this week, so we decided to go for a short ride around the area and see how the old girl performs. (Tools, and a wire rope and padlock taken just in case!)
We picked the best day to ride and the weather was a treat.

We thought we would keep off the the highways as much as possible and visit some of the local back roads.
There is some fantastic riding to be had here in the south west.
After about 45 minutes riding through some of the best Karri forests, we pulled into Nannup for a coffee. (Who owns the Beeza, an elderly gent asked. That would be mine, i said. Fantastic, he says. - Nothing said about the new Triumph:)

Nannup is a great little place. It's an old timber mill town set amongst some beautiful forest areas.
From there we headed along the Nannup to Balingup road. This narrow, twisty road mostly follows the Blackwood River between the two towns, and anyone that knows the area will know what a fantastic road it is to ride. Beautiful, hilly, farming countryside that's just a pleasure to be amongst.
When we got to Balingup, we pulled up for another coffee, some lunch, and a look around.

With a full stomach, we headed off to Bridgetown via Greenbushes.
The next time any of you blokes from up the line are heading south on your bikes, don't just follow the highway all the way south, make sure you detour into Greenbushes and turn right at the second pub. Go past the mine lookout and follow that road all the way to Bridgetown. You'll be rewarded with a stretch of fantastic road that i'm sure was built for me and my old bike. The view down the valleys as you drop down from this ridge top is just spectacular.

Next came another great run on the back roads from Bridgetown to Manjimup. The last section of road to Manjimup got a bit rough on the old surface, but was still in keeping with the mood of the ride.

I must say the bike went like a dream. I didn't push it too much, it just purred along at 50-60mph when it was asked to.  We ended doing about 120 miles, and that was fine for the maiden voyage. I can't wait to get out there again.

(p.s. I forgot to take the camera so i can't post any photos. So i'm gonna have to go back there again.....:)

I just can't work out why no-one told me about these old bikes years ago...... I've owned everything from a Harley Davidson 90cc to a Z1000, and never had as much fun as i'm having on the A7!
Now i'm going to look for a 650 to buy.      hmmm..... maybe a Golden Flash will do me.

Livin' the dream......


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Re: Time for a ride.
« Reply #1 on: 19.02. 2010 10:02 »
Congratulations to the successful first ride-out! Hope many more are to come yet!

I totally agree, these old bikes are so much fun. It's motorcycling of the purest and honest kind.

Cheers, MG
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Re: Time for a ride.
« Reply #2 on: 19.02. 2010 10:13 »
Good story. Inspires me to get my a10 ready for spring.

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Re: Time for a ride.
« Reply #3 on: 19.02. 2010 11:20 »
Good one Ace, sounds like a great ride. We really are blessed down here, perfect weather all year, great back roads and 1000'sKm of them. And a few of us have BSA's to enjoy them on. Lucky buggers.
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Re: Time for a ride.
« Reply #4 on: 20.02. 2010 03:50 »
There great bikes the plunger A7's, I've also got a 51' model as well. (the one in my profile picture). I'll let you in on a secret though Ace, the plunger A10's are even better ! Just as smooth but more go. Start searching.........

A friend of mine from Alice Springs was at Nannup last year on his Velo, they had some sort of national rally in the area, he said it was terrific country.

Keep riding that A7.