Author Topic: Battery or earthing problem?  (Read 15623 times)

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Re: Battery or earthing problem?
« Reply #135 on: 11.07. 2010 17:23 »
Thanks for the link Dave. Much the same story except I'm running at 12v with the larger Podtronics box and Mk3 Norton Boyer ignition. Not much in the way of oil leaks either after a couple of (very!) false starts - the Enfield top end really is pushing it for separate barrels and heads (and the standard breathing was a bit of a sick joke). Love the huge torque, but for getting anywhere no worries (even at night if you get that voltage sorted) it's still hard hard to beat the A. Like a lot of folk, the bike I like best is often the bike I'm on.

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Re: Battery or earthing problem?
« Reply #136 on: 12.07. 2010 06:42 »
I used a stack of oil on the meteor on my first rally, but I've stripped the motor and rebuilt it including a whole new breather setup.  I am oil tight with no performance or electrical gremlins to speak of.  As far as the a10 goes, it's going pretty good now.  Has more top end but chasing anymore would involve re balancing the motor.  The vibes above 60mph are very strong, too strong to sit comfortably on.  I have eliminated the oil leaks now though and it starts first kick every time, runs very will and my charging system now works.  I am still fettling the reg but am just about there.  If I spit the dummy and get another bout of situational terrets syndrome I'll just buy another electronic reg and fit that but at least i know the mag works very well.


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Re: Battery or earthing problem?
« Reply #137 on: 12.07. 2010 19:16 »
I have been reading this thread with interest as it almost completely mirrors the experience I had with my Dommie.  I converted it to `12V and could never get it to work right.  When I converted back to 6V (in both cases with a VReg II) the battery was still not charging.

The dynamo motored but was only kicking out about 1.5V.  When I shorted the F & D terminals on the dynamo I got a good healthy charge.  In the end I shorted F & D and went for a 30 mile run.  When I got back I removed the link between F & D and it worked fine.

When I did the A7 I had similar problems and did the same thing.  It works great.  I have a 6V halogen headlight and the light output is superb.  At tickover I show a discharge on the ammeter but at anything abobe tickover it briefly goes to a positive reading and then settles back to about zero.  all of this is with the headlight on.