Author Topic: The Unluckiest A10 ever.  (Read 645 times)

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The Unluckiest A10 ever.
« on: 11.04. 2010 19:38 »
Years ago my A10 was parked alongside my mates autojumble stall at Dalmeny in its scruffy cafe racer guise.

It was being looked over by a striking, wirey, old (to me at the time), sun bronzed, grey bearded and long haired guy, he looked like everyones idea of a pirate...right down to the peg leg! (albeit a pegleg made out of stainless steel and incorporating a shock absorber)

He said "Y'know I thought for a minute that this could be my old bike. I got it as a wreck, the previous owner had been killed on it,  I lost my leg on it. The engine ended up in a home made hovercraft that sank halfway across the Firth of Forth"
I was glad to be able to tell him it wasn't his old bike.

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Re: The Unluckiest A10 ever.
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