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Dural sheet.
« on: 01.06. 2010 07:20 »
A couple of years ago I bought some offcuts of 10mm Dural sheet from a firm who specialized in offcuts of all sorts of metal.

I just realised that I've lost the contact details as the computer I was using at the time has crashed terminally and I didn't have anything written down. *sad2*

After Googling endlessly I find plenty of offcut material available up to 3mm but not the thick stuff.

Can anyone suggest a source?. In UK.

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Re: Dural sheet.
« Reply #1 on: 01.06. 2010 10:16 »
try rob at mallard metals in birmingham he's vey good,01216240302
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Re: Dural sheet.
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Many thanks for that, just looked at the website and it's exactly what I want. *smile*