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Starting problems A10
« on: 07.08. 2010 15:17 »
I am having problems starting my A10, I I leave it for a couple of days it starts 1st time and runs well but after turning the engine off and the bike standing for a few minutes I can't get it to start at all. Trying to start it, I get some compression with the first kick but after that nothing, Has any one come across this before if so what needs to be done to set it right

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Re: Starting problems A10
« Reply #1 on: 07.08. 2010 16:52 »
Hello Marro welcome to our forum...

Sounds like when you've started the engine and run it till its hot the magneto is not keen to restart until the bike has cooled down. You'll need to check the magneto probably give it a complete overhaul. The windings eventually break down with age and the condenser needs replacing. If the bike is easy to start as you say then there cant be much else wrong with it.
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Re: Starting problems A10
« Reply #2 on: 07.08. 2010 17:27 »

I would agree with what LJ has said. Your problem is most likely to be due to the magneto windings insulation failing and or the condenser failing once hot. There is however something else that is worth while checking, and that is the carburettor. It is possible that once the engine is hot you might be experiencing fuel vaporisation. Do you have an insulation spacer between the head induction manifold and the carburettor? The insulator is like a very thick gasket usually about 1/8" thick. Although it goes against conventional wisdom it is worth tickling the carburettor if the engine will not start when it is hot. Two things you can check out on the magneto when it is hot remove the plugs and kick the engine over. Do you see a spark (nice big fat blue one)? also remove the points cover. Do you see a spark arcing across the points? If you do then the condenser is at best leaking and at worst is completely U/S. Also check to see if the points contacts are showing any signs of pitting. If there is any evidence of pitting then the condenser is definitely U/S.


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Re: Starting problems A10
« Reply #3 on: 07.08. 2010 21:59 »
G'day marro, welcome.
                                   I agree with both LJ and John's answers. Another thing to check is the valve clearances. You say on the re-start you have compression on the first kick then nothing. If they are set too close the valves could be just not sealing when warm/hot. Try giving them an extra 2 thou.
 Is it an alloy or iron head?
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Re: Starting problems A10
« Reply #4 on: 08.08. 2010 06:16 »
Good suggestions all - i just went through this very same thing when my trusty A10 left me hanging on a hot day and wouldn't start  after some horrendous amount of kicks and repeated carb primes etc...-first time ever  since i had the thing, and i had to be at the airport in a few hrs so i was getting a bit piszed. I ended up trying to bump start it and it cranked right over (not sure why it did it but damn i was glad) - making me believe  the magneto wasn't the problem - when i got from my trip i found the valves to be a bit tight, and reset them and it fires right up - have you tried bump starting it when the kicks don't work?


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Re: Starting problems A10
« Reply #5 on: 09.08. 2010 18:43 »
Thank you Folks for all the tips and potential fixes I will work through them, One thing I will say is the spark I'm getting is very weak so the magneto is looking guilty but I won't forget to look at the carburetor. I'll keep you post on progress Thanks for the advice.