Author Topic: BSA V-Twin in CBG  (Read 662 times)

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BSA V-Twin in CBG
« on: 09.08. 2010 08:42 »
In the August issue of Classic Bike Guide there is a chap that has built a B33 based v-twin and put it all in a A10 chassis, anyone seen it? Best bit about this bike is that it all fits within a standard length frame, he just had to modify the front downtubes. Check it out, for my money one of the best specials I have ever seen. Neither flashy or cumbersome, it realy does look like it is a factory prototype.
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Re: BSA V-Twin in CBG
« Reply #1 on: 09.08. 2010 16:57 »
seeing as bsa made excellent large capacity v-twins before the war , i was suprised that they didn't persevere with them after it, probabily too expensive to make compared to a parallel twin. if they had tuned them for a sports machine they could have been a budget brough superior.