Author Topic: Timing side main bearing tolerances - swarf in the oil ways?  (Read 870 times)

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I need to replace the timing side bush on my plunger A10. The housing is a little damaged so I intend to bore this out on my mill before fitting an oversize bush, does anyone know what the tolerances are for the fit of the new bush? I am also a little perplexed about how to get the swarf out of the timing side oil ways (behind the bush) once I have fitted the bush and either bored or reamed it out. Once the bush is in, I can?t get behind it to clean all the swarf out. I can wash it and blow it all through but is this good enough? ? I am not confident about this as any ?bits? of metal will soon screw up the new bearing.

Comments, help greatly appreciated.

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G'day Nigel,
                    Richard just did one here's the topic.,3003.msg20855.html#msg20855
As far as swarf goes I'd fill the holes with grease first then use compressed air to blow in the reverse direction, from the oil pressure relief valve and oil pump holes.
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I use 0.0015" - 0.002" interference.